2018 New Emerging Children’s Writers

Do you know what the best thing is about a new children’s author? They bring the possibility of discovering a new book your kids fall in love with and the chance to fall in love with an author they will follow for decades. Here are some great new children’s authors who are making their debut in 2018.

antalaya redo 1
Follow Antalaya at: Pinterest: @AntalayaIsrael1220, Instagram: @TheOnlyAntalaya,        Facebook: @antalaya.israel

Debut Book: How Sunny the Skunk Found His Smell

Expected Book Release Date: July 2018

Where to Find It: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

What You Should Know About Antalaya:     

How She Became a Writer– While attending Humanities High School, she found her passion for writing in her children’s literature class where she first wrote “How Sunny the Skunk Found His Smell”. Later in life she would have a chance meeting with Joy Thomas Anderson, an illustrator, resulting in the opportunity to finally bring her story to market.

What Makes Her Writing Unique– She believes in short simple children’s stories that are easy for kids to memorize like the mother goose stories of old. Antalaya explains further, “Sunny is a young boy just trying to fit in and make friends. My book is unique because it uses a fairy-tale format, while addressing a serious concern kids have today, which is wanting to fit in with others and feeling different, alone and without a “smell”.

One Thing That Might Surprise You to Know– Antalaya created the Sunny the Skunk character based upon her own experience as a child. “I didn’t grow up having money and sometimes I felt alone because my family couldn’t afford the latest sneakers or jackets that were in style.”

What Readers Can Expect Next– She hopes to turn How Sunny the Skunk Found His Smell into a series. So be on the lookout for more adventures of Sunny the Skunk!

stephanie 3
Follow Stephanie at: Twitter: @AuthorSGrey, Facebook: @AuthorSGrey Website: https://www.stephaniegreybooks.com

Debut Book: The Jenson Adventures: The Ghost of Crow Island

Expected Book Release Date: Available Now

Where to find it: https://gremlincreative.com

What You Should Know About Stephanie:  

How She Became a Writer– Stephanie’s been writing since she was kid. She loved writing short stories and even wrote a fictional newspaper called The Oracle that she handed out for fun in middle school.

What Makes Her Writing Unique– In her own words, “My middle grade book stories are simple and traditional, which I don’t think you see often these days. The kids love and respect their parents and the parents are involved in their kids’ lives.

One Thing That Might Surprise You to Know– She lives in Hawaii but the ocean terrifies her. Stephanie said, “I’ll sit by the ocean and read, but I will not dip a toe in the water!”

What Can Readers Expect Next? – Stephanie indicated while she does hope to continue The Jensen Adventures as a series, she is currently finishing some adult book projects. Her post zombie apocalypse book, Division Tennessee will be available in June, so be sure to look for it.

erin 3
Follow Erin at: Twitter: @erinspaulding10,  Instagram: espaulding1974,  Facebook: @erinmspaulding,       Website: http://www.erinspaulding.com

Debut Book: Eden’s New Friend

Expected Book Release Date: Available Now

Where to Find It: Amazon

What You Should Know About Erin:   

How She Became a Writer– Sadly, she lost her mother at age 5. School officials thought it would be beneficial for her to keep a journal so that she would have a “safe” outlet for her and emotions. Erin stated however, “I found myself turning it into a challenge to see what completely ludicrous scenarios I could create.” Later, as her children got older, she realized she needed to find another focal point for her attention, which had been exclusively her children, up to that point. It was at this point, that she decided to take the courageous leap, of transitioning into a writer, as an adult.

What Makes Her Writing Unique– Her writing is based on her own experiences raising her three children, over the past 20 years. Her vast experience means her stories will resonate with most kids, as well, as their parents. Nothing draws readers in better than real life experiences, that are totally relatable.

One Thing That Might Surprise You to Know– She is terribly afraid of heights.

What Can Readers Expect Next? – More adventures featuring Eden! Erin has already penned the next two books in the Eden series, “Eden Visits the Orchard”, and “Eden’s Bad Day” and hopes to have the next book available by August.

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