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Are you a small business looking to increase your customer base, an editor looking to assign an article for your publication or an independent author trying to navigate the maze of self-publishing?

If so I can help!

I provide support for content marketing, newsletters, blogs, eBooks, corporate publications, online or printed publications, and publishing support.

Whether you’re an indie writer, small business, or busy editor looking to assign an article, I’ll utilize my experience and expertise to deliver a solution to your need.

In addition to freelance writing and book publishing support, I also have extensive experience with contracting. I’ve reviewed and negotiated multi-million dollar deals for companies, as well as, small publishing deal agreements for individuals. No matter how big or small your transaction is, I will use the most cost-effective approach to get the job done.

Visit the Portfolio section of my website to see examples of my work or scroll to the bottom of this page to see what some of my clients are saying about me.

Not sure exactly what you need? No problem! I provide free consultations so reach out to me via my Contact Page and let’s discuss your goals.

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