Why Hire Me?     DON’T!     Not unless you want someone who consistently takes possibilities and turns them into tangible results.

My Approach
I use words to create results for both businesses and individuals. Whether you’re an indie writer, small business, or busy editor looking to assign an article, I’ll utilize my experience and expertise of words to deliver a solution to your need. In addition to freelance writing and book publishing support, I also have extensive experience with contracting & procurement. I’ve reviewed and negotiated multi-million dollar deals for companies, as well as, small publishing deal agreements for individuals. No matter how big or small your transaction is, I will use the most cost effective approach to get the job done.

My Experience
I began my writing career producing entertainment articles for local publications. Later, after graduating from law school, I began writing articles on contracting best practices and legislative issues. For a time, I served on the board of editors for the e-commerce Law & Strategy section of the national publication, Law Journal Newsletters.

At the same time, I spent over a decade providing advice on contracting, vendor risk management, and procurement in general.

What I Can Offer
As a freelance writer, editor, blogger, and contracts & procurement consultant, I have much to offer my clients. As you consider how I can help you best, be sure to review the areas in which I excel below. Afterwards, if you are still undecided regarding what I can do to support you, send me a message via my Contact Page so we can chat. I’m always happy to field any questions and provide more information about myself and my skill set.

Key Strengths
-Writing compelling copy and stories that engage the reader

-Distilling complicated and technical material into simple, reader friendly, content

-Interviewing and research

-Commitment to excellence

-Deadline driven

-Proposing cost effective solutions tailored to project needs

-Providing simple, easy, fast solutions for my consulting clients

-Expert understanding of contract law

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