Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in sharing your book with me! It delights me to provide book reviews to authors, knowing firsthand how helpful it is in generating buzz around a great publication.

I’ve listed the essential information you need to know when submitting a book to me for review but if you don’t find what you need and have a question just send me a note using my Contact Me form located in the “About” menu tab.

Books I Currently Do Not Accept:

  • Erotica (not because I am against it, but rather I have young children who have unrestricted access to our library holdings);
  • Books on religion or religious texts;
  • Comic books;
  • Epic novels (those over 200 pages)
  • Westerns; or
  • Poetry

If your book type is not on the above list, then feel free to send me a review request. I happen to love non-fiction so non-fiction books are welcome!

Please note- The books I review are those that fall into genres which appear on my pleasure reading list. Just because I don’t happen to read the specific genre of your book, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It simply means I am not the best fit to review your book. If you find yourself distraught and unable to find a reviewer for your book, send me a note and I might be able to suggest other reviewers who accept your book type.

Accepted Book Formats: I accept print or eBooks. While I prefer print, I understand the financial burdens writers face so eBooks are fine, if desired.

Review Time Lines: I work full time and have two small children so reviews must fit into my already packed schedule. As such, I cannot guarantee or even give you a steadfast estimate of when I might finish reading your book. If you are open to waiting, I will however, eventually get to it.

Review Cost: I don’t charge for book reviews, if you are willing to take a spot on my waiting list until your book reaches the top.

If you really, need a book review and just can’t wait, I am open to taking expedited requests (assuming I have time to read your book within the requested deadline) but I do require an upfront Expedited Review Fee of $100.00. Please note: Payment of the expedited review fee DOES NOT GUARANTEE A POSITIVE REVIEW.

My Book Review Rating System:

I don’t assign poor ratings. Book reviews are an opportunity for writers to grow so they need to be able to request them without fear of public humiliation. So, if I can’t provide you with a positive rating, I will provide you with a short summary of any issues I noted along with suggestions for strengthening your manuscript.

*I Recommend This Book

** I Highly Recommend This Book

*** You Must Immediately Run Out and Buy This Book!

Okay, so if you haven’t completely thrown up your hands in despair by now, of every receiving a review of your book from me, proceed to the section below that tells you how to get your book review request to my inbox.

Now for the bad news…I don’t accept every book request I receive, even if the book fits into one of the accepted genres.

I know what you are thinking… “but you said above, you read most anything” … so here is my reasoning.

I love writers. I want each writer to get the attention and feedback they deserve. If a book just doesn’t resonate with me, it is unfair to the writer to make them wait for a review that likely would have been better if done by a different audience.

 So please, don’t just send me your manuscript!!!  Instead send me a book review request and I will let you know if I can add your book to my wait list. When I respond, I will provide you with instructions for sending me your book.

Information to include in every book review request you send to me:

  • Book title
  • Synopsis-3-7 sentences in length
  • Page length or word count
  • Format: eBook or Print
  • Genre
  • What you hope to obtain from the book review


Alright, that about covers it all! Look forward to reading your books! #WritersHelpingWriters #MKormanWrites

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